Minor Requirements

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An undergraduate minor in English Literature helps students in a variety of majors to represent on their transcripts the significant expertise they have accrued. The structure of the minor will also help direct students with a significant interest in English Literature to sequences and sets of courses that are designed to develop their interest: they can take a mini-curriculum rather than just a smattering of electives. A minor in English Literature is a desirable supplement to many degrees across the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences because it provides insights into cultural traditions and practices, develops students' abilities to write analytical arguments, and promotes critical thinking.

Academic Requirements

The minor consists of 18 credits.  Students take the first core course, ENGLIT 0506 Literary Field Studies, plus five electives from any concentration. Three of these electives must be ENGLIT courses 500-level or above, two must be ENGLIT courses 1000-level or higher. We recommend taking a project seminar as one of the 1000-level electives.