General Education Requirements

Students from all majors in the Dietrich School are welcome in our courses. The Literature Program offers a wide variety of courses that are designed for first- and second-year students to explore the possibilities of literary study while fulfilling their General Education requirements. All our 300-level courses fulfill both “W” and “LIT” requirements. Our 500-level courses offer a range of introductions to disciplines and methods of literary study while also fulfilling “W” and “LIT” requirements. Our 600-level courses introduce students to a variety of literary genres and count for “LIT.” Many of our courses also fulfill Diversity, Creative Work, and/or Historical Analysis courses. Check out our new course offerings and this list of regularly offered courses.

The Literature Program offers many opportunities for students to fulfill General Education requirements while pursuing diverse interests. We are continually innovating and adding new courses. For the full list of General Education courses that are regularly offered, please consult this chart.

300-level Courses

Our ENGLIT 300-level courses serve as introductions to the various genres, issues, and themes central to our curriculum and enable students to fulfill both their W and LIT requirements. They are designed to engage students from a range of different majors. Words and Images, for instance, offers students the opportunity to think creatively and critically about the interplay of text and image in a variety of mediums. In Imagining Social Justice, students study works that creatively depict problems of social injustice and provide visions of a more just world.

500-level courses

Our ENGLIT 500-level courses serve as more specialized introductions to specific literary fields, such as the study of Literature of the Americas; an introduction to the digital influence on modern life as in Scan Culture, an Introduction to Shakespeare; or a study of Contemporary African American Poetry.

600-level courses

600-level ENGLIT courses offer an exciting range of genres. Students can fulfill their LIT requirement while reading Science Fiction, Graphic Novels, or Queer and Transgender Literature, among many others, with expert instructors.

700-level courses

The Literature Program is fast adding more and more options to this set of courses devoted to literature that intersects with contemporary issues and specialized topics of interest, including an Introduction to Game Studies; a course on Jane Austen and the Brontë sisters; and a course on Contemporary Environmental Literature.