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The Literature Program is committed to imaginative, interdisciplinary and theoretical engagement with Anglophone literatures in all their historical, formal, generic, and global diversity. Literature majors take classes that engage a diverse range of texts from varied theoretical perspectives. Our instructors are committed to presenting undergraduates with a historically and theoretically informed understanding of literary production and reception. We value many kinds of writing, analysis, and communication, and we encourage students to strengthen their critical thinking skills by recognizing that literature engages complex systems of meaning. Literature majors and minors might become writers, critics or English teachers, but they also go into advertising, publishing, law, medicine, media, business, public relations, government, social work, communication, or take any number of other paths.

We offer a range of challenging and enjoyable courses taught by established scholars and experienced teachers. We offer a selection of introductory, writing-intensive 300-level courses. At the 500- and 600-level, we offer more in-depth theme and genre courses. The program presents the more structured curriculum of the major at the 1000-level, where students will find a comprehensive grounding in literary history, periods, and genres, principles of criticism and literary theory, research methods, and approaches to writing about literature.