Dainy Bernstein

Visiting Lecturer

Dainy Bernstein (ey/em/eir) is a Visiting Lecturer in the University of Pittsburgh’s English Department. Ey holds a PhD in English from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, and ey has previously taught courses on composition, medieval British literature, and children’s and young adult literature at Lehman College. Eir areas of research include childhood and education/socialization as represented in literature; Jewish children’s literature, especially American Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) Jewish children’s literature; and religious children’s literature more broadly.

Eir edited collection of critical and personal essays, Artifacts of Orthodox Jewish Childhoods, was published by Ben Yehuda Press in 2022, and an essay titled “’I Can’t Go to the Public Library’: The Limited Sponsorscape of Haredi Children’s Literature,” is forthcoming from the Children’s Literature Association Quarterly. Ey is currently working on a short book for Cambridge University Press providing an overview of the development of Haredi children’s literature in America, as well as essays on Haredi teens’ historical fiction novels and geographies of the Orthodox children’s magazine Olomeinu/Our World.