Belkys Torres

Teaching Assistant Professor, Associate Vice Provost for Inclusive Excellence in Education

Belkys' AffiliationsInstitute for International Studies in EducationCenter for Latin American Studies

Belkys Torres earned her doctorate at the University of Notre Dame. Her dissertation, “Serial Storytelling, Female Audiences and Telenovelas: Television’s influence on Contemporary Latina/o Fiction,” offers a multidisciplinary approach to examine melodrama’s subversive potential within U.S. Latina/o literature by adapting recent scholarship on serialized melodrama and feminist theory to discussions of the Latin American telenovela and U.S. Latinx fiction.  Her research interests include Latinx literary and cultural studies, ethnic media studies, cultural hybridity, transnationalism, feminist theory, intercultural competency training, global & community engaged learning, and program/curricular assessment.

In her capacity as Associate Vice Provost for Inclusive Excellence in Education, Belkys leverages her considerable strengths in communication, collaboration, and coordination in partnering with the OTP's Director of Student Success and the Director of the Educational Outreach Center, as well as the Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion and others across the University to foster academic success for all Pitt undergraduates.