Pitt Literature Major Emma Wolinsky Hosts Podcast


"Emma Wolinsky"
Emma Wolinsky Brings Together Science and Literature with a Focus on the Medical Humanities

“My interest in the medical humanities stems from being raised by parents coming from seemingly unrelated fields. My mother is an anesthesiologist, which is where my fascination for medicine comes from, and my father was a reformed rabbi who taught me how to appreciate texts and the power of personal connection. These two fields of medicine and the humanities are inseparable to me and come together to make me who I am today”

Emma is a literature major and pre-med student who hosts the podcast "Remains to be Seen." Using an intriguing hook, "We know where the bodies are buried," she and her fellow podcasters unearth the strangest of things in every episode: the theft of the dead body of a U.S. president's son, shocking results from an over-the-counter genetic test, or the sad fate of the man who tried to teach surgeons to wash their hands. An anatomy professor, an English professor, and a future med student talk about the history of the human body in medicine, anatomy, and culture. From these different perspectives, they share viewpoints on medical museums, anatomical grave-robbing, organ transplantation, the history of gender and sexuality, disability studies, unusual bodies, prosthetics, implants, body modification...whatever catches their interest (and they are interested in some rather odd things).

Emma presents the podcast along with faculty members Jeff Aziz (Pitt Department of English) and Jake Dechant (Pitt School of Nursing). The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.