2021 Literature Award Winners

Literature Awards

The Carol Kay Memorial Essay Prize in British Literature (1500-1900)

Stephen Roche

“‘Conceal me what I am’:
A Jungian Evaluation of Disguise and Role-Playing in Shakespearean Drama”

The James Snead Award for Best Undergraduate Essays

(Dealing with one or more of the following: Film, African American Literature, American Literature, German Literature)

Grey McGettigan, Co-Winner
“Babbitt Prodding America”

Jill Stebelton, Co-Winner
“From the Past to the Present: A Reflection on Generational Wealth in The Garies and Their Friends and the African-American Community”

J. K. and Gertrude Miller Prize

(Students who show special ability in English [literature])

Madeline Fox

The Marlee and James Myers Award for Outstanding Students in the Department of English 

Marissa Herzig

Departmental Scholarship Funds Awarded this Academic Year (2020-21)

Marilyn Hollinshead Scholarship Fund

Ashlyn Kettering
Hailey Palubicki
Ella Cummings
Brooke McGriff

Dorothy D. Burkhart Scholarship

Samantha Kirschman
Maria Anto
Kira Nalbantian
Annabeth Collis

Susan Lippincott Mack and Chris Mack Merit Scholarship

Eden Plogger
Kartik Iyer
Philippa Zang
Sarah Street
Sarah Stager
Adeline Macioce