Dissertations & Alumni Careers


Amanda Awanjo, Assistant Manager of Interpretation and Engagement, The Frick Pittsburgh

Dissertation Title: “Black Girl Futures: Intersections of Black Futurity and Black Girlhood in the 20th Century”

Chairs: Imani Owens (Rutgers University), Courtney Weikle-Mills

Readers: Jules Gill-Peterson, Shaun Myers


Sagnika Chanda, Marion L. Brittain Fellow, Georgia Tech University

Dissertation Title: “Precarious Bodies: Posthumanism, Globalized Labor, and the Global South”

Chairs: Nancy Glazener, Shalini Puri

Readers: Jennifer Waldron, Gabriella Lukacs (Anthropology)


Brittney Knotts

Dissertation Title: “Labor, Play, and Futurity of the Twenty-First Century Girl Coder”

Chair: Tyler Bickford

Readers: Elizabeth Pitts, Annette Vee, Meredith Bak (Rutgers University), Dan Kubis



Ariana Brazier, VP of Products & Storytelling, Daymaker (Atl., GA)

Dissertation Title: “’Yea. I’m in my hood. No strap’: Black Child Play as Praxis & Community Sustenance”

Chair: Khirsten Scott

Readers: Tyler Bickford, Jules Gill-Peterson, Cory Holding, Bettina Love (University of Georgia)


Sreemoyee Dasgupta, Visiting Lecturer (NTS), University of Pittsburgh

Dissertation Title: “Nationalism, Genre and Childhood in Colonial Indian Children's Literature”

Chair: Courtney Weikle-Mills

Readers: Tyler Bickford, Neepa Majumdar, Matthew Grenby (University of New Castle)


Rachel Maley, Visiting Lecturer (NTS), University of Pittsburgh

Dissertation Title: “Adopting the Cultural Economy for Little Readers: Print Transformations for Children in Nineteenth-Century America”

Chair: Courtney Weikle-Mills

Readers: Jean Ferguson Carr, Stephen L. Carr, Ron Zboray (Communication)


Alyssa Quintanilla, Assistant Professor of English (TTS), US Naval Academy

Dissertation Title: “A Matter of Waste and Bodies: Life, Death, and Materiality in the United States-Mexico Borderlands 1990 to the Present”

Chair: Elizabeth Rodriguez Fielder, Jennifer Waldron

Readers: Troy Boone, Zachary Horton, Caitlin Bruce (Communication)


Jiwon Rim, Faculty of Liberal Education (NTS), Seoul National University

Dissertation Title: “Saving the Stuffed Animal: Narratives of Violence, Fictions of Comfort”

Chair: Troy Boone

Readers: Tyler Bickford, Jennifer Waldron, Amanda Chapman (Glenville State College)



Mary Gryctko, Visiting Scholar of Women's, Gender (NTS), and Sexuality Studies, Northeastern University

Dissertation Title: “The Victorian Cult of the Dead Child” 

Chair: Tyler Bickford

Readers: Troy Boone, Jules Gill-Peterson, James Kincaid, Patricia Crain (English, New York University)


Shawna McDermott

Dissertation Title: “Visualizing the Future: Childhood, Race, and Imperialism in Children’s Magazines 1873-1939”

Chair: Courtney Weikle-Mills

Readers: Tyler Bickford, Nancy Glazener, James Kincaid, Autumn Womack


Clare Sigrist, Adjunct Professor, College of Wooster

Dissertation Title: “Uneasy Fellowships: The Modern Sentimental Subject and Her Affective Spheres”

Chair: Jonathan Arac

Readers: Nancy Glazener, Shalini Puri, Giuseppina Mecchia (French & Italian)



Kirsten Paine, Site Management Coordinator & Interpretive Specialist at Rivers of Steel

Dissertation Title: "Something to Do": Fighting and Writing Women of the Civil War

Chair: Courtney Weikle-Mills

Readers: Jean Ferguson Carr, Nancy Glazener, Lisa Tetrault (Department of History, Carnegie Mellon University)



Daniel Barlow, Assistant Professor of English (TTS), Dept. of English, Saddleback College

Dissertation Title: “In the Aural Tradition: Cultural Pedagogies of Black Music”

Chair: William Scott

Readers: Jonathan Arac, Imani Owens, Philip Smith, George Lipsitz (Black Studies, University of California at Santa Barbara)


Jessica Fitzpatrick, Visiting Lecturer (NTS), Dept. of English, University of Pittsburgh 

Dissertation Title: “Hacking the Future: The Space of Earth in Postcolonial Science Fiction”

Chair: Susan Andrade and Philip Smith

Readers: Thora Brylowe, Shalini Puri, Richard Purcell (English, Carnegie Mellon University)


Elizabeth Oliphant, Instructional Assistant in Cinematic Arts, University of New Mexico

Dissertation Title: “Inventing the Southwest: How Modernists Shaped an American Regional Experience”

Chair: Nancy Glazener

Readers: Jonathan Arac, William Scott, Kirk Savage (Art and Architecture) 



Joanna Collins, Foundation Year Program Coordinator in the International Office, University of Texas

Dissertation Title: “Authors Exposed: Victorian Literary Celebrity and the Graphic Revolution”

Chair: Colin MacCabe, Philip E. Smith

Readers: Jonathan Arac, Ronald Zboray (Communication)


Kathleen Davies

Dissertation Title: “Write to Privacy: Literature, Letters, Law, and the Inviolate Personality in America's Long Nineteenth Century”

Chair: Jonathan Arac

Readers: Nancy Glazener, Courtney Weikle-Mills, Christopher Castiglia (English, Penn State University)


Katherine Kidd,  Assistant Teaching Professor and Undergraduate Studies Coordinator, Syracuse University

Dissertation Title: “The (Class) Struggle is Real(ly Queer): A Bilateral Intervention into Working-Class Studies and Queer Theory”

Chair: Nick Coles, Nancy Glazener

Readers: Mark Anderson, William Scott, Brent Malin (Communication)


Swathi Sreerangarajan, Adjunct Lecturer, Dept. of English, Los Medanos College

Dissertation Title: “Working around Ethnographic Entanglements: South Asian American Literature and Popular Culture”

Chair: Nancy Glazener, Shalini Puri

Readers: Tyler Bickford, Neepa Majumdar, Marian Aguiar (English, Carnegie Mellon University)


Hyo Kyung Woo, Postdoctoral fellow at CLASS (Center for Liberal Arts and Social Science), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Dissertation Title: “Korean Englishes, Uneven Asias, Global Circulation, 1895-1945”

Chair: Gayle Rogers

Readers: Jonathan Arac, Shalini Puri, Yoon Sun Yang (Korean & Comparative Literature, Boston University)



Sarah Bagley, Adjunct Instructor, Dept. of English, University of Pittsburgh

Dissertation Title: “Nostalgia and Modernism: Proust, Joyce, Beckett”

Chair: Paul A. Bové

Readers: Jonathan Arac, Ronald A. T. Judy, Colin MacCabe, Gayle Rogers, Giuseppina Mecchia (French and Italian)


Amanda Phillips Chapman, Assistant Professor of English, Glenville State College, Glenville WV

Dissertation Title: “Self-consciousness and Childhood in the Long Nineteenth Century”

Chair: Troy Boone

Readers: Thora Brylowe, Nancy Glazener, Marah Gubar, Bruce McConachie (Theatre Arts)


Racheal Fest, Adjunct, Dept. of English, Hartwick College 

Dissertation Title: “Erotic Poetics: Love and the Function of US Literature from Melville to Modernism”

Chair: Paul A. Bové

Readers: Jonathan Arac, William Scott, Bruce Robins (English, Columbia University)


Jessica Isaac, Associate Director, Books@Work, (Cleveland, OH)

Dissertation Title: “Compliant Circulation: Children's Writing, American Periodicals, and Public Culture, 1839-1882”

Chair: Jean Ferguson Carr

Readers: David Bartholomae, Stephen L. Carr, Courtney Weikle-Mills, Amanda Godley (Instruction and Learning, School of Education)


Kerry Mockler

Dissertation Title: “Neighborhoods of Make-Believe: Place, Play, and Possibility in Disneyland, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, and The Magic City”

Chair: Mark Anderson

Readers: Tyler Bickford, Marah Gubar, Brent Malin (Communication)


Liam O’Loughlin, Visiting Assistant Professor of English, Pacific Lutheran University

Dissertation Title: “Cosmopolitan Disasters: From Bhopal to the Tsunami in South Asian Anglophone Literature”

Chair: Shalini Puri

Readers: Troy Boone, Hannah Johnson, Neepa Majumdar


Loring Pfeiffer, Adjunct Lecturer, Santa Clara University

Dissertation Title: “The Politics of Desire: English Women Playwrights, Partisanship, and the Staging of Female Sexuality, 1660-1737”

Chair: Jennifer Waldron

Readers: John Twyning, Courtney Weikle-Mills, Kristina Straub (English, Carnegie Mellon University)


Rebecca Wigginton, Visiting Assistant Teaching Professor of English, Carnegie Mellon University (NTS)

Dissertation Title: “Twilight States: Sleepwalking, Liminal Consciousness, and Sensational Selfhood in Victorian Literature and Culture”

Chair: Philip E. Smith

Readers: Jonathan Arac, Marah Gubar, John Twyning, C. Drew Armstrong (History of Art & Architecture)


Jarrell D. Wright, Visiting Lecturer, Slavic Languages and Literatures, University of Pittsburgh

Dissertation Title: “Dancing before the Lord: Renaissance Ludics and Incarnational Discourse”

Chair: John Twyning

Readers: Colin MacCabe, Jennifer Waldron, Peggy Knapp (Dept. of English, CMU)



Julie Beaulieu, Lecturer, Dept. of Gender, Sexuality, and Woman Studies, University of Pittsburgh

Dissertation Title: “Erotic Knowledge in the Eighteenth Century”

Chair: Jonathan Arac

Readers: Thora Brylowe, Jennifer Walrdon, Kristina Straub (English, Carnegie Mellon University)


Schuyler Chapman, Assistant Professor of English, Glenville State College, Glenville WV

Dissertation Title: “The Complete Citizen: Good Seamanship and Good Citizenship in Antebellum U.S. Literacy Culture”

Chair: Courtney Weikle-Mills 

Readers: Jonathan Arac, Nancy Glazener, Marcus Rediker (History)


Nathaniel Heggins Bryant, Instructor of English, California State University-Chico

Dissertation Title: “Working in the Belly of the Beast: The Productive Intellectual Labor of US Prison Writers, 1929-2007.”

Chair: Philip Smith

Readers: David Bartholomae, Nick Coles, Sabine von Dirke (German)


Katie Homar, Academic and Technical Writing Coordinator, The Graduate School, North Carolina State University

Dissertation Title: “Juggling Rhetorical Histories and Traditions: The Wordsworth Circle as Romantic Rhetoricians”

Chair: Don Bialostosky

Readers: Thora Brylowe, Stephen L. Carr, Jon Klancher (English, Carnegie Mellon University) 


Shelagh Patterson, Assistant Professor, Dept. of English, Montclair State University 

Dissertation Title: “Architectures of Freedom: Literary Collaboration in Contemporary American Poetry” 

Chair: Don Bialostosky

Readers: Shalini Puri, Todd Reeser (French & Italian Languages and Literatures), William Scott



Rebecca Camp, Working in the nonprofit sector as Coordination Officer for the Stabilization Support Unit, United Nations Mission in Congo (MONUSCO)

Dissertation Title:  “Advocacy Literature Sans Frontières:  African Warscapes, International Community, and Popular Narratives for Emerging Human Rights Norms”

Chair:  David Brumble

Readers:  Nancy Glazener, Shalini Puri, Neil Doshi (French and Italian)


Bradley Fest, Assistant Professor of English, Hartwick College

Dissertation Title:  “The Apocalypse Archive:  American Literature and the Nuclear Bomb”

Chair: Jonathan Arac

Readers: Adam Lowenstein, Philip Smith, Terry Smith (History of Art and Architecture)


Jonathan Hayes, Instructor, Southeast Missouri State University

Dissertation Title:  “Henry James’s ‘Various America’:  The Novel, Freedom, and Modernity”

Chair:  Jonathan Arac

Readers:  Susan Andrade, William Scott, Giuseppina Mecchia (French and Italian)


Deepa Jani, Assistant Professor, SUNY Old Westbury

Dissertation Title:  “J. M. Coetzee:  Ethics, Subalternity, and the Critique of Humanism”

Chair:  Paul A. Bové

Readers:  Jonathan Arac, Ronald A. T. Judy, Marcia Landy, John Beverley (Hispanic Languages and Literature)


Dan Kubis, Assistant Director to the Humanities Center, University of Pittsburgh

Dissertation Title  “Fighting for a Common Culture:  Literary Theory in the Age of Reagan”

Chair:  Jonathan Arac

Readers:  Paul A. Bové, William Scott, Jeffrey Williams (CMU)


Andrea Lapin, freelance writer

Dissertation Title:  “A Body of Text: Physical Culture and the Marketing of Mobility”

Chair:  Nancy Glazener

Readers:  Jonathan Arac, William Scott, Brent Malin (Communication)


Kathleen Pendlebury, YWCA Greater Pittsburgh, Grants and Proposals Manager

Dissertation Title:  “Cerebral Pleasures: Children’s Literature and Philosophy”

Chair:  Philip Smith

Committee:  Troy Boone, Nancy Glazener, Amanda Godley (Instruction and Learning, School of Education)


Heather Sprong

Dissertation Title:  “Navigating Identities: Women’s Travel Narratives in the Nineteenth Century”

Chair:  Troy Boone

Readers: Neepa Majumdar, Philip Smith, Josh Ellenbogen (History of Art and Architecture)


Alicia Williamson, Head Writer & Editor for Quotabelle.com

Dissertation Title:  “A Free Union?: The Sexual Politics of Progressive-Era Socialist Novels”

Chair:  William Scott

Committee:  Jonathan Arac, Nancy Glazener, Susan Harris Smith, Ronald Zboray (Communication)



Carolyn Elliott, CEO of WITCH online teaching and media company

Dissertation Title: “Nineteenth-Century American Literature and Poetic Education”

Chair:  Marianne Novy

Readers: Toi Derricotte, Dawn Lundy Martin, Sharon M. Abbey (Faculty of Education, Brock University, Ontario, Canada)


Jonathan S. Feinberg, Editor, Department of Radiation Oncology, UT Southwestern Medical Center (Dallas, TX)

Dissertation Title:  “Samuel Beckett, Language, and the Creative and Critical Possibilities of Literature”

Chair:  Colin MacCabe

Readers: Marcia Landy, William Scott, Giuseppina Mecchia (French & Italian)


Claudia Heske, Program Coordinator for NIH-funded Initiative for Maximizing Student Development, Dept. of Biology, U Mass-Boston

Dissertation Title: “Inconsumable Realities: Documenting Warfare, Britain 1914-1920”

Chair:  Troy Boone

Readers:  Neepa Majumdar, Philip Smith, Giuseppina Mecchia (French & Italian)


Amy Robin Hoffman, Assistant Editor, Art Institute of Chicago Publishing Department

Dissertation Title: “Doubtful Characters: Alphabet Books and Battles Over Literacy in Nineteenth-Century British Print Culture”

Chair: Marah Gubar

Readers:  Troy Boone, Stephen L. Carr, Mary Saracino Zboray (Communication), Ronald Zboray (Communication) 


Matthew Kendrick, Associate Professor of English (TTS), William Paterson University

Dissertation Title:  “Rude Mechanicals: Staging Labor in the Early Modern English Theater”

Co-Chairs:  John Twyning, Jennifer Waldron

Reader:  Nicholas Coles, Rachel Trubowitz (English, University of New Hampshire)


Margot Stafford, Visiting Assistant Professor (NTS), Rockhurst University, Kansas City, MO

Dissertation Title:  “The Child and the Book: Imagining Childhood Reading in Anglo-America, 1899-1936”

Chair:  Kathryn Flannery

Readers: Troy Boone, Nancy Glazener, Marah Gubar, Amanda Thein (Language, Literacy, and Culture; University of Iowa)


Alexandra Valint, Associate Professor of English (TTS) and Director of Graduate Studies, University of Southern Mississippi

Dissertation Title:  “Collaboration and Contestation: The Victorian Multiple-Narrator Novel”

Chair:  Jonathan Arac

Readers:  Troy Boone, Marah Gubar, Giuseppina Mecchia (French and Italian)


Emily Wender, Assistant Professor of English, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Dissertation Title: “The Critical / Ordinary Reader: School, Emotion, Reading and Writing”

Chair: Philip Smith

Readers:  Don Bialostosky, Paul Kameen, Amanda Thein (Language, Literacy and Culture, University of Iowa)



Clark Henderson

Dissertation Title: “Transforming Action: Ralph Ellison and Kenneth Burke Out of the 1930s”

Chair:  Paul A. Bové

Readers:  Jonathan Arac, Ronald A. T. Judy, Nancy Condee (Slavic Languages and Literatures)


Gabrielle Owen, Lecturer in English, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Dissertation Title:  “Queer Theory and the Logic of Adolescence”

Chair:  Jean Ferguson Carr

Readers:  Stephen L. Carr, Nancy Glazener, Marah Gubar, Kathleen Blee (Sociology)


Jessica Pannell, Content Specialist / Test Developer, Writing & Communication Literacies, ACT Inc. (Iowa City, IA)

Dissertation Title: “Teeming Delight: Irish Poetry, 1930–1960”

Chair: James F. Knapp

Readers: Troy Boone, Colin MacCabe, Barbara McCloskey (History of Art and Architecture)


Anna Redcay, Chair of the English Department and Upper School English Teacher, The Ellis School

Dissertation Title: “The ‘Long Defended Gate’: Juvenilia and Constructions of Creativity, 1858-1939”

Chair:  Marah Gubar

Readers:  Troy Boone, Jean Ferguson Carr, Amanda Godley (Instruction and Learning, School of Education)


Maggie Rehm, Lecturer in Psychology and Communication Studies (NTS), University of Idaho

Dissertation Title: “The Art of Citizenship: Suffrage Literature as Social Pedagogy”

Co-Chairs:  Paul Kameen and Susan Harris Smith

Readers: Troy Boone, Ronald Zboray (Communication)


Daniel Wollenberg, Assistant Professor, Tampa Bay University

Dissertation Title: “The Invention of England: Danes and Identity in Medieval Romance”

Co-Chairs:  Hannah Johnson, John Twyning

Readers:  David Brumble, Kellie Robertson (English, University of Wisconsin-Madison)



Cory Goehring, Assistant Professor (TTS), Warner University

Dissertation Title: “The Wordworthian Inheritance of Melville’s Poetics”

Chair:  Jonathan Arac

Readers:  Nancy Glazener, Marah Gubar, Virginia Jackson (English, UC Irvine)



Llana Carroll, Lecturer in the Writing and Critical Inquiry (WCI) program, University at Albany, SUNY

Dissertation Title: “Notions of Friendship in the Bloomsbury Group: The Influence of G. E. Moore, D. H. Lawrence, E. M. Forster, and Virginia Woolf”

Chair: Colin MacCabe

Readers: Troy Boone, Philip Smith, Kieran Setiya (Philosophy)


Catherine Day, Instructor of English (NTS), Oregon State University

Dissertation Title: “On Paying Attention: Particularity in Victorian Fiction and Empirical Thought”

Chairs: Jonathan Arac, Paul A. Bové

Committee: Eric O. Clarke, Ronald A. T. Judy, James Lennox (History and Philosophy of Science)


Lopé López  

Dissertation Title: “Untimely Figures: Edgar Allan Poe, Journalism, and the Literary Imagination”

Chair: Paul A. Bové

Readers: Ronald A. T. Judy, William Scott, Donald Pease (English, Dartmouth College), Philip Watts (French and Romance Philology, Columbia University)


Hans Mattingly, Assistant Professor of English, International Horizons College, Dubai

Dissertation Title: “Matrices of Subjectivity: The Discourse of Learning in Victorian Literature”

Chair: John Twyning

Readers: Jonathan Arac, Kimberly Latta, Giuseppina Mecchia (French and Italian)


Michael Mazza, Sergeant, US Army

Dissertation title: “This Fierce Geometry: Uses of the Judeo-Christian Bible in the Anti-Abolitionist and Anti-Gay Rhetoric of the United States”

Chair: Jean Ferguson Carr

Committee: Nancy Glazener, William Scott, Moni McIntyre (Theology, Duquesne University)



Manisha Basu, Associate Professor of English and African Studies (TTS), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Dissertation Title: “Fathers of a Still-Born Past: Hindu Empire, Globality, and the Rhetoric of the Trikaal”

Chair: Marcia Landy

Readers: Paul A. Bové, Ronald A. T. Judy, Nancy Condee (Slavic Languages and Literatures)


Jennifer Keating-Miller, Assistant Dean for Educational Initiatives and the Assistant Director of Undergraduate Research & National Fellowships, Carnegie Mellon University

Dissertation Title: “Labyrinths of Language: Representations of Identity Formation in Contemporary Irish Literature”

Chair: James Knapp

Readers: Stephen L. Carr, Colin MacCabe, Paul Hopper (English, Carnegie Mellon University)


Christine Mahady

Dissertation Title: “Corporeality in Turn-of-the-Century American Fiction”

Chair: Nancy Glazener

Readers: Troy Boone, Kathryn Flannery, Lisa Parker (Human Genetics)


Richard Purcell, Associate Professor of English (TTS), Carnegie Mellon University 

Dissertation Title: “Ralph Ellison and the American Pursuit of Humanism”

Chair: Paul A. Bové

Readers: Jonathan Arac, Ronald A. T. Judy, Marcia Landy, Dennis Looney (French and Italian)


Stephen Tumino, Visiting Assistant Professor of English (NTS), City University of New York (Kingsborough)

Dissertation Title: “The Labor Theory of Culture”

Chair: Nick Coles

Readers: Troy Boone, James Seitz, Peter McLaren (Education, UCLA)



Jeffrey Aziz, Lecturer in English (NTS), University of Pittsburgh

Dissertation Title: “Of Grace and Gross Bodies: Falstaff, Oldcastle, and the Fires of Reform”

Chair: John Twyning

Readers: James Knapp, Kellie Robertson, Janelle Greenberg (History)


Julie Hakim Azzam

Dissertation Title: “The Alien Within: Postcolonial Gothic and the Politics of Home”

Chair: Susan Andrade

Readers: Troy Boone, Shalini Puri, Carol Stabile (Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee)


Ellen (Gerber) Carillo, Associate Professor of English (TTS), University of Connecticut, and Writing Coordinator/Westbury Campus

Dissertation Title: “Modernist Pedagogies: Conrad, Woolf, Pound, and the Reading Public”

Chairs: Troy Boone and James Seitz

Readers: Colin MacCabe, Phil Watts (French and Italian)


Amy Cook

Dissertation Title: “Narratives of Irony: Representation and Alienation in Carlyle, Eliot, and Pater”

Chair: Eric O. Clarke

Readers: Troy Boone, Philip Smith, Laura Callanan (English, Duquesne University)


Jennifer Cotter, Associate Professor of English (TTS), William Jewell College

Dissertation Title: “Making Feminism Matter Again”

Chair: Marcia Landy

Readers: Jonathan Arac, Eric O. Clarke, Barbara Foley (English, Rutgers University)


Brenda Glascott, Associate Professor (TTS), California State University-San Bernardino

Dissertation Title: “The Ends of Literacy Education: Evangelical Protestantism and the Nineteenth-Century Origins of Contemporary Writing Instruction”

Chair: Kathryn Flannery

Readers: Stephen Carr, Nancy Glazener, Donna Strickland (English, University of Missouri)


Kirstin (Collins) Hanley, Lecturer, Point Park College

Dissertation Title: “Redefining Didactic Convention: Mary Wollstonecraft and Feminist Discourses of Appropriation”

Chair: Stephen Carr

Readers: Don Bialostosky, Jean Ferguson Carr, Amanda Godley (Instruction and Learning, School of Education)


Jeffrey Hole, Associate Professor of English (TTS), University of the Pacific    

Dissertation Title: “Invention of an Infidel: Herman Melville’s Literary Heresies and the Doctrines of Empire”

Chair: Paul A. Bové

Readers: Nancy Glazener, Ronald A. T. Judy, Donald Pease (English, Dartmouth College)


Juli Parrish, Assistant Director of the Writing Center, Lecturer, University of Denver 

Dissertation Title: “Inventing a Universe: The Reading and Writing of Internet Fan Fiction”

Chair: Jean Ferguson Carr

Readers: Nick Coles, John Twyning, Amanda Godley (Instruction and Learning, School of Education)


Anastasia Ulanowicz, Associate Professor of English (TTS), University of Florida

Dissertation Title: “Ghost Images: Representations of Second-Generation Memory in Contemporary Children’s Literature”

Chair: Valerie Krips

Readers: Troy Boone, Adam Lowenstein, John Beverley (Hispanic Languages and Literature)



John Adam Johns

Dissertation Title: “Leviathan and Automaton: Teleology and Technology in American Literature”

Chair: Philip Smith

Readers: Paul A. Bové, Ronald A. T. Judy, Kirk Savage (Art and Architecture)


Jennifer Allen Schell, Professor of English (TTS), University of Alaska

Dissertation Title: “Nineteenth-Century American Whaling Narratives: Work, Globality, Nationality, and Gender Identity”

Chair: Nancy Glazener

Readers: Susan Andrade, Jean Ferguson Carr, Kirk Savage (Art and Architecture)


Amy Murray Twyning, Lecturer, Literature Program Assistant, University of Pittsburgh

Dissertation Title: “Detective Narrative and the Problem of Origins in Nineteenth-Century England”

Chair: Colin MacCabe

Readers: Marcia Landy, James Seitz, Nancy Condee (Slavic Languages and Literatures)


Christopher Warnick, Associate Professor (TTS), College of Charleston

Dissertation Title: “Student Writing, Politics, and Style, 1962-1979”

Chair: Jean Ferguson Carr

Readers: David Bartholomae, James Seitz, Lester Olson (Communication)



Henry Veggian, Fixed Term Faculty, Department of English and Comparative Literature, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Dissertation Title: “Mercury of the Waves: Modern Cryptology and U.S. Literature”

Chair: Paul A. Bové

Readers: Jonathan Arac, Eric O. Clarke, Marcia Landy



Petra Dierkes-Thrun, Lecturer in Comparative Literature, Stanford University

Dissertation Title: “The Salome Theme in the Wake of Oscar Wilde: Transformative Aesthetics of Sexuality in Modernity”

Chair: Paul A. Bové

Readers: Jonathan Arac, Eric O. Clarke, Lucy Fischer, Herbert Lindenberger (Stanford)


Judy Suh, Associate Professor of English (TTS), Duquesne University 

Dissertation Title: “The Seductive Fallacy: Women and Fascism in British Domestic Fiction”

Chair:  Paul A. Bové

Readers:  Eric O. Clarke, Marcia Landy, Barbara Green (English, University of Notre Dame)


Andrew Wood

Dissertation Title: “The Uncertain Individual: A Critical Translation of Alain Ehrenberg’s L’Individu Incertain

Chair: Colin MacCabe

Readers: Paul A. Bové, Marcia Landy, Philip Watts (French and Italian)



Emily T. Bauman, Master Teacher of Liberal Studies, New York University

Dissertation Title:  “Dreaming in Crisis:  Angels and the Allegorical Imagination in Postwar America”

Chair:  Colin MacCabe

Readers:  Jonathan Arac, Ronald A. T. Judy, Nancy Condee (Slavic Languages and Literature)


Angela Farkas

Dissertation Title:  “Sensational Tales and Working-Girl Melodrama: Popular Story Paper Fiction and its Readers in Late Nineteenth-Century America”

Chair:  Jean Ferguson Carr

Readers:  Nancy Glazener, Joseph Harris, Mariolina Salvatori, Janelle Greennerg (History)


Nathalie op de Beeck, Associate Professor of English and Director of the Children’s Literature Minor (TTS), Pacific Lutheran University

Dissertation Title:  “Readymade Antiques:  The Picture Book in America, 1924-1944”

Chair:  Valerie Krips

Readers: Troy Boone, Lucy Fischer, Nancy Condee (Slavic Languages and Literaturs)



Christopher Boettcher, Assistant Professor (TTS), Castleton State College of Vermont

Dissertation Title:  “The Shattered Worlds of Standish O’Grady—Myth, History and Imagination in Nineteenth Century Ireland”

Chair:  Colin MacCabe

Readers: David Brumble, James Knapp 


Patrick Mullen, Associate Professor, Northeastern University 

Dissertation Title: "The Aesthetics of Intelligent Sympathy: Irish Nationalism, Homoeroticism, and Global Writing"

Chair: Eric Otto Clarke, Marica Landy

Readers: Jonathan Arac, Colin MacCabe



Reena Dube, Associate Professor of English (TTS), Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Dissertation Title:  “The Discourse of Colonial Enterprise and Its Representations of the Other through Expanded Cultural Critique”

Chair:  Jonathan Arac

Readers: Stephen L. Carr, James Knapp


Gail (Sullivan) Hammill, Assistant Professor (TTS), American University in Dubai

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Dissertation Title:  “Soldier Relics: Masculinity, Sacrifice, and Literature of the American Civil War”

Chair:  Jonathan Arac

Readers:  Nancy Glazener, James Knapp, Marianne Novy, Kirk Savage (History of Art and Architecture)


J. Paul Narkunas, Assistant Professor of English, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Dissertation Title: “The Imperialism of Everyday Life: Encounters and Peregrinations with the Inhuman”

Chair: Paul A. Bové

Readers: Ronald A. T. Judy, Marcia Landy, Terry Cochran (University of Montreal)


Elayne Tobin, Master Teacher of Liberal Studies (NTS), New York University

Dissertation Title: “Fearing For Our Lives: Biography and Middlebrow Culture in Late Twentieth-Century America”

Chair: Marcia Landy

Readers:  Colin MacCabe, Dana Polan


Brenda Whitney, Lecturer in English (NTS), University of Pittsburgh

Dissertation Title: “Non-Representational Realism: Morrison, Ben Jelloun, Rushdie and the Subject of Freedom”

Chair: Colin MacCabe

Readers:  Susan Z. Andrade, Jonathan Arac



Abdul Dardery, Assistant Professor, South Valley University, Egypt

Dissertation Title: “Postcolonialism: An Egyptian-English Perspective”

Chair: James Knapp

Readers: Susan Andrade, Stephen L. Carr, Laurence Glasco (History)



David Sidore, Associate Professor of English (TS), Macon State College

Dissertation Title: “Being in Control: The Ending of the Information Age”

Chair: Paul A. Bové

Readers: Jonathan Arac, Marcia Landy, Carol Stabile (Communication)


Robert Tally, Associate Professor (TTS), Texas State University

Dissertation Title: “American Baroque: Melville and the Literacy Cartography of the World System”

Chair: Paul A. Bové

Readers: Jonathan Arac, Ronald A. T. Judy 



Jay Andrews, Instructor of English (NTS), Temple University

Dissertation Title:  “The Emergence of Corporate Subjectivity: Literature, Imperialism, and the Transformation of American National Consciousness”

Chair: Paul A. Bové

Readers: Jonathan Arac, Marcia Landy


Lynn Casmier-Paz, Associate Professor of English (TTS), University of Central Florida

Dissertation Title: “The Effects of Literacy in English Language Slave Narrative”

Chair: Jonathan Arac

Readers: Nancy Glazener, Ronald A. T. Judy, James Seitz, Henry Krips (Communication)


Cela Mascarenhas, free-lance writer

Dissertation Title: “Constructions of National Identity in the Victorian Novel: Readings of Six Novels”

Chair: Marianne Novy

Readers: Eric O. Clarke, Carol Kay, Janelle Greenberg (History)


Elizabeth Matway, Senior Lecturer in English and Chair of the College Writing Board, University of Pittsburgh

Dissertation Title: “Uncertain Histories: Writing And Rewriting National Narratives”

Chair: Jonathan Arac

Readers: Jean Ferguson Carr, Nancy Glazener, Kirk Savage (History of Art and Architecture)


Patricia Saunders, Associate Professor of English (TTS), University of Miami

Dissertation Title: “Beyond Caliban: (Dis)Forming Identity and Being in Contemporary Anglophone Caribbean Literature”

Chair: Shalini Puri

Readers: Susan Andrade, Nancy Glazener, John Beverley (Hispanic Languages and Literatures)



Nancy Atkinson, Associate Professor of English (TTS), University of Northern Alabama

Dissertation Title: “When Miracles Become Magic:  Witchcraft and the Effort to Reform Religious Practice in Late Medieval and Early Modern England”

Chairs: Sarah Beckwith, Marianne Novy

Readers: John Twyning, Janelle Greenberg (History), Peggy Knapp (English, Carnegie Mellon University)


Melanie Dawson, Associate Professor (TTS), College of William and Mary

Dissertation Title: “From Carnival to Nostalgia:  The Play of Cultural Literacy in the Nineteenth-Century Parlor”

Chair: Jean Ferguson Carr

Readers: Joseph Harris, Susan Smith, Paula Kane (Religious Studies )


Theresa Doerksen, Associate Professor of English (TTS), Mansfield University

Dissertation Title: “Constructing the English on Catholic Foundations: National Identity, Religion, and Gender in the English Novel, 1748-1860”

Chair: Carol Kay

Readers: Jonathan Arac, Sarah Beckwith, Richard Tobias, Claudia Johnson (Princeton University)


Bianca Falbo, Associate Professor of English (TTS), Lafayette College

Dissertation Title: “Authorship and the Circulation of Literature Practices in the Anglo-American Field of Cultural Production, 1790-1860”

Chair: Jean Ferguson Carr

Readers: Stephen L. Carr, Nancy Glazener, Joseph Harris, Patrizia Lombardo (French & Italian Languages and Literatures)



Amy Gleichert-Bothner, Noir Medical Technologies

Dissertation Title: “Changeable Parts: History and Contemporary American Women Writers”

Chair: Jonathan Arac

Readers: Jean Ferguson Carr, Nancy Glazener, Sabine Hake (German Language and Literature)


Mark Kemp, Lecturer and Department Advisor, English Department, University of Pittsburgh

Dissertation Title: “Backyards and Border Patrols: North American Nationalism and the Construction of Postcolonialism”

Chair: Jonathan Arac

Readers: Susan Andrade, Nancy Glazener, Donald Pease (English, Dartmouth College)


Yi Zheng, Senior Research Fellow, Department of Chinese Studies, University of Sydney

Dissertation Title: “Beginnings and Elsewheres: The Romantic and Other Sublime and Sympathetic Glories”         

Chair: Jonathan Arac

Readers: Paul A. Bové, Stephen L. Carr, Ronald A. T. Judy, Henry Krips (Communication)



Rashmi Bhatnagar

Dissertation Title: “The Idol Toleration: Jonathan Swift’s Anti-Colonial Critique of the Emergent Discourses of Toleration and Secular Learning in Ireland and Whig Historiography, 1690-1711”

Chair: Stephen Carr

Readers: Carol Kay, Mariolina Salvatori, Hugh Kearney (History), Fritz Ringer (History)


Christine Ross, Associate Professor of English (TTS), Quinnipiac University

Dissertation Title: “The Natural Law of Standard English and the Practical Criticism of Emily Dickinson”

Chair: Jonathan Arac

Readers: David Bartholomae, Jean Ferguson Carr, Henry Krips (Communication)



Rane Arroyo, deceased 2010, formerly Professor of English and Creative Writing, University of Toledo

Dissertation Title: “Babel, USA: A Writer of Color Rethinks the Chicago Renaissance”

Chair: James Knapp

Readers: Marcia Landy, Richard Tobias, Ron Sakolsky (University of Illinois, Springfield


Barbara Schroeder, Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations, Children's National Medical Center, Washington, DC

Dissertation Title: “Educating Female Subjects in England, 1780-1850: A Study of How the Literary and Cultural Representation of the Education of Women Illustrate the Ways in Which Education Both Subjugates and Empowers”

Chair: Stephen L. Carr

Readers: Carol Kay, Marianne Novy, and Janelle Greenberg (History)


Wenying Xu, Provost and Chief Academic Officer, Jacksonville University

Dissertation Title: “An Ethic/Aesthetic of Freedom: Rethinking the Relationship Between Artistic Freedom and Social Responsibility”

Chair: Paul A. Bové

Readers: Jonathan Arac, Stephen L. Carr, Philip Smith, C. Montgomery Broaded (Butler University)



Irem Balkir, deceased 2006, formerly Assistant Professor of American Culture and Literature, Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey

Dissertation title: “Cosmopolitan Reconsidered: Henry James in His Contexts as a Challenge to Contemporary Thought”

Chair: Jonathan Arac

Readers: Paul A. Bové, Carol Kay, Bruce Robbins (English, Columbia University)


Matthew Cooper, Lecturer, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Dissertation title:  “Intellectual Illuminations: Episodes of Rivalry and Partnership in Literary Modernism”

Chair: Paul A. Bové

Readers: Jonathan Arac, Carol Kay, William Fusfield (Communication)


Laura Dice, Assistant Dean and Director of Freshman Programs, University of Pittsburgh

Dissertation title: “Ambivalence and Authority: The Influence of Religious Nonconformism on the Representation of Women in Works by John Milton, Daniel Defoe, and D. H. Lawrence”

Chairs: Colin MacCabe, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak

Readers: Robert Hinman, James Knapp, Hugh Kearney (History)



Monette Tiernan, Division Chair of English, Glendale Community College

Dissertation Title:  “Aesthetic Autonomy and Discursive Practice”

Chair:  Paul A. Bové

Readers:  Stephen L. Carr, Marcia Landy, John Beverley (Hispanic Languages and Literatures)