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We are a program committed to imaginative, interdisciplinary and theoretical engagement with anglophone literatures in all their historical, formal, generic, and global diversity.

The Literature Program faculty strives to produce rigorous, innovative, interdisciplinary scholarship. Our undergraduate degree program offers students advanced education in the appreciation, interpretation, and criticism of texts and emphasizes critical thinking, writing, and making. Our graduate program places equal emphasis on innovative scholarship, pedagogical practice, and professional involvement. We encourage our graduate students to gain expertise in established fields and to pursue new lines of inquiry. We train them to become inspiring teachers, to lead in their professional communities, and to communicate their knowledge to diverse audiences.

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Undergraduate Studies

We offer a range of challenging and enjoyable courses taught by established scholars and experienced teachers. Our instructors are committed to presenting undergraduates with a historically and theoretically informed understanding of literary production and reception.

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Graduate Studies

Graduate study in English Literature offers a wide range and variety of seminars taught by nationally renowned scholars.

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Projects and Collaborations

Faculty and graduate students in the Literature Program cultivate interdisciplinary and interdepartmental relationships, as well as relationships across universities.

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