2014 Undergraduate Literature Conference

Schedule of Events

SESSION 1:   10:00-10:50       

1. Food, Science, Freedom: Shaping and Attaining Utopia and Dystopia  (Room 501 Cathedral of Learning)  Moderator: Jessica Isaac,

  • “Scientific Freedom in Utopias” | Rachel Puralewski
  • “Rousseauian Freedom and Happiness in Utopias and Dystopias” | Sam Ministero
  • "Meat and Misogyny: The Politics of Dystopian Cuisine" | Megan McElhaney  

2. Surviving the New Economy: Voices from Women Workers in their 20’s   (Room 512 Cathedral of Learning) Moderator: Sara Appel

 “Camouflage Wedding” | Natalie Russell 

“Young, Wild, and Employed” | Uchenna Obi 

“Questioning the American Dream” | Colleen Wolf  

SESSION 2:   11:00-11:50        

3. Up…Up…Down…Down: Proceduralism and Narrative in Videogames (Room 501 Cathedral of Learning) Moderator: Carrie Hall

  • “Virtual Consequences: Fallout 3 and the Moral Experience” | Courtney Phillips
  • "Braid: Nuclear Narrative and Gameplay Mechanics Interwoven Seamlessly" | Gabe Kowalczyk 
  • “Sex, Gender, and the Distributed Network in World of Warcraft” | Stephanie Roman  

 4. Representing Wealth and Consumption   (Room 512 Cathedral of Learning) Moderator: Molly Nichols

  • “Communication and Consumption in Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World” | Joelle Chasse 
  • “Gendered Definitions of Wealth and The Merchant of Venice” | Lauren McNeil
  • “Capital, Sex, God and a Look at What is Modern in Chaucer’s The Wife of Bath” | Michael Newman  

LUNCH:   12:00-12:30

SESSION 3:   12:40 – 1:30   

5. Reconstructing Sites of Memory  (501 Cathedral of Learning) Moderator: Jessica FitzPatrick 

  • “The Naturally Constructed: An Examination of Truth in Ondaatje’s Anil’s Ghost” | Camille Falcone
  • “Slovaks and Steel: Nonfiction Accounts of the Evolving Immigrant Experience” | Audrey Winn
  • “Two Statues, Past and Present” | Abbey Wasielewski  

6. Gender and the Margins (512 Cathedral of Learning) Moderator: Anna Malone

  • “The Quest for Liberation in Jane Eyre” | Maureen Crammond
  • “Clytemnestra’s Path to Revenge in Aeschylus’s Oresteia” | Geethika Reddy
  • “Where are the Women? Femininity’s Role in Heart of Darkness” | Monique Briones

SESSION 4:   1:40-2:30       

7. Race and Traditions of Humor (501 Cathedral of Learning) Moderator: Kamala Gopalakrishnan

  • “The Evolution of Tragicomedy in Black History” | Tyler Gallagher 
  • “Black: A Study of Humor and Race in the American Novel” | Zersha Munir

8. Reading Authorship (512 Cathedral of Learning) Moderator: Lauren Campbell 

  • “Reader Response to Isolation and Sadness in Infinite Jest” | Dave Barie 
  • “Imperialism in Modernist Literature” | Moriah Howell 
  • “The Embellished Intellectual: Never a Poet” | Tierra Bender 

SESSION FIVE:   2:40 – 3:30      

9. Divided Selves (501 Cathedral of Learning) Moderator: Sarah Hakimzadeh 

  • “In Pursuit of the Infinite: Trauma and Transcendence in The Perks of Being a Wallflower “| Julianne Griffith
  • “Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man: Light and Darkness” | Amber Stich
  • “Self-Presentation versus Self-Preservation in the Chivalric Knight “| Christina Martin  

10. Ways of Seeing (512 Cathedral of Learning) Moderator: Kyle Winkler

  • “Little Dorrit: Imprisoned Women of the Victorian Domestic Sphere” | Daniela Chmielewski 
  • “Observation and Perception through Dual Narrative: A Cross-Genre Study” | Dara Liling 
  • "Mimesis and Catharsis in Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game" | Cassandra LaFramboise

SESSION SIX:   3:40 - 4:50     

11. Senior Thesis Showcase (501 Cathedral of Learning) Moderator: Prof. Lori Campbell

  • “Agency and Appearance: Supernatural Women in the Poetry of Keats and Coleridge” | Julia Cooper 
  • “‘I'll burn my books’: Male Witches and the Dangers of Educated Magic in Renaissance Drama” | Ryan Henderson  
  • “Wha?: Gravity’s Rainbow and an Alternative Future” | Daniel Malinowski   
  • “Rethinking Education: Anarchist Pedagogies in Caleb Williams, The Dispossessed, and News from Nowhere |   Cameron Vass  

CLOSING RECEPTION :  5:00-5:30    (501 Cathedral of Learning)

Remarks from John Tywning, Associate Professor of English and Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies of Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences.