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Undergraduate Literature Conference, Spring 2017: 

Genre Bending 

Conference Date: Friday, April 14th 

The theme for this year’s conference is “Genre Bending.” If genres tend to “specify [their] proper use,” then exciting things happen when literature disrupts the expectations set by traditional categories of literature, habitual ways of reading, or typical ways of thinking about a subject. Exciting things also happen when readers and scholars challenge these same expectations, when different perspectives, creativity, eccentricity, opposition, or adulation make us rethink literary works, genres, and conventions. We invite student work that addresses any form of “genre bending” in literature.

Any work done for an English literature course by any student who has declared a Literature major or minor or is involved in any of the departmental certificate programs is eligible. Students interested in participating who do not meet these criteria should contact Amy Twyning at pittulc2017@gmail.com

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