Completed Senior Theses in Literature

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2018 - 2019

Gabi Keane, "Locating Literature in the Ghost Hoax: An Exploration of 19th-century British Nonfiction."

Advisors: Amy Murray Twyning, David Birnbaum

Allyn Reynolds, "Flann O'Brien: An Exegesis of Satire."

Advisor: Gayle Rogers

Lauren Fabrizio, “Through absence, through change of manners:” Locating Joyce Amidst Debates of Cosmopolitanism and Nationalism.”

Advisor: Gayle Rogers


2017 - 2018

Miranda Aristone, "Drawing Conclusions from Illustrations of the Water-Babies: Artistic Selection Meets Natural Selection." 

Advisors: Amy Murray Twyning, Jeff Aziz, Courtney Weikle-Mills

Mellissa Pallotti, "Victorian Boys and Their Mothers: Gender Dynamics in Stories about Boys."  

Advisors: Amy Murray Twyning, Julian Gill-Petersen

Amanda Spencer, "Redemption and Inheritance, From Bleak House to Great Expectations"  

Advisors: Amy Murray Twyning, Jeff Aziz, John Twyning        


2016 - 2017

Elizabeth Hoadley, “Discrimination and Modern Paganism: A Study of Religion and Contemporary Social Climate.”

Advisor: Hannah Jonson


2013 - 2014

Ryan Henderson, “’Hell Hath No Limits’: Witchcraft in The Tempest and Doctor Faustus.” 

Advisor: Curtis Breight

Julia Cooper, “Beauty and Power: Supernatural Women in ‘Christabel’ and ‘Lamia.’”

Advisors: Jonathan Arac and Uma Satyavolu Rau

Cameron Vass, “Rethinking Education: Exploring Anarchist Pedagogies in Radical Fiction.”

Advisor: Curtis Breight

Daniel Malinowski, "Wha?: Thomas Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow, Interpersonal Relations, and an Alternative Future."

Advisors: Gayle Rogers and Bill Scott


2012 - 2013

Shannon Knapp: "Representing Rape:  Theatrical Dialogue on Lavinia in Titus Andronicus, An Exploration of the Possibilities of Feminist Readings of Lavinia"

Advisors:  Susan Harris Smith and Jeff Aziz

Lauren Schmeer: "Female Agency in Twilight, Harry Potter, and The Hunger Games:  Can Feminist Be Feminine?"

Advisors:  Courtney Wiekle-Mills and Lori Campbell

Ashley Werlinich: "'The Beasts of the Earth and the Madness of Men':  Dehumanization, Neurodegeneration, and Denial in Moby Dick and Catch-22"  

 Advisors:  Philip Smith and Paul Kameen


2011 - 2012

Geoa Geer: “Victorian Sight: Unique Perceptions in Middlemarch and Jane Eyre

Advisors:  Troy Boone, Amy Murray-Twyning

Jacob Robbins: “‘Can You Feel It?’  Modernist Emotional Resonance Across Jazz and Literature”

Advisors:  Ronald Judy, Amy Murray-Twyning

Becca Stern: “From Where did Langland’s Jew Emerge: A Study of Literary and Exegetical Portrayals of the Jew from Late-Antiquity to the Middle Ages”

Advisors:  Hannah Johnson, Jeff Aziz


2010 - 2011

Liam Sweeney: “Enlightenment Tragedy”

Advisors:  Jonathan Arac, Jeff Aziz

Elaine Short: "Setting as an Agent in Hardy's Fiction"

Advisors:  John Twyning, Amy Murray-Twyning

Danielle Grimm: “A Theological Consideration of Resolution in ‘The Endless Ending’ of George MacDonald's Lilith (1895)”

Advisors:  Marah Gubar, Lori Campbell


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