Major Requirements (Previous)

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The new Literature major was launched in February 2016. Below you will find a description of the previous major.

To obtain a degree in English Literature, you will need to follow the path outlined below.

The English Literature Major consists of 12 courses (36 credits):

  1. One ENGLIT 0505 “Lectures in Literature.”
  2. Three Developmental Courses.
  3. Three Historical Period Courses.
  4. Five electives (to be taken from the ENGLIT, ENGFLM, ENGWRT, or ENGCMP curriculum).

1. ENGLIT 0505, "Lectures in Literature"

You should take this course as early as possible. No prerequisites. Lectures of 120 students plus recitation of about 20 students each.

2. Three Developmental Courses

The developmental courses should be taken in the following order:

A: ENGLIT 0500—W, Introduction to Critical Reading

 Prerequisites: Students must have successfully completed their composition requirement (Seminar in Composition or equivalent) before taking this course. It is a good idea to take this as soon as possible, even if you haven’t yet decided on or declared the major.

B: ENGLIT 1900—W, Junior Seminar

Prerequisites: Englit 0500, Englit 0505, and one period course.

C: ENGLIT 1910—W, Senior Seminar

Prerequisites: Englit 1900, and two period courses.

3. Three Historical Period Courses

 English Literature majors are required to take one from each of the following three groups.  Not all of these courses will be offered every semester, though they will be offered every year.

Group I

ENGLIT 1100 Medieval Imagination

ENGLIT 1101 Invention of English

ENGLIT 1125 Renaissance in England

ENGLIT 1132 Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama

ENGLIT 1135 Early Modern Literatures in English

Group II

ENGLIT 1150 Enlightenment to Revolution

ENGLIT 1170 The Romantic Period

ENGLIT 1175 19th-Century British Literature

ENGLIT 1200 American Literature to 1860

ENGLIT 1225 19th-Century African American Literature

Group III

ENGLIT 1220 Emergence of Modern America 1860-1914

ENGLIT 1230 20th-Century African American Literature

ENGLIT 1325 The Modernist Tradition

ENGLIT 1380 World Literature in English

ENGLIT 1382 Prized Books 

4. Five Elective Courses

All elective courses must be from the 0500 level or above, and at least two must be at the 1000 level.  Students may take courses from the other programs in English (Writing, Film, Composition), with a limit of two courses in Composition (ENGCMP).

Plan ahead: Some courses, especially at the 1000 level, are not offered every semester. Students should take elective courses appropriate to their intellectual development and interests.