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Associate Professor


CL 628G



On research leave, Spring 2017
In his research and teaching, Ryan McDermott tries to bridge the divide between medieval and modern worlds. His first book, Tropologies: Ethics and Invention in England, c. 1350-1600 (University of Notre Dame Press, 2016), tracks changes and continuities in vernacular religious literature across the intellectual and cultural watershed of the English Reformation. A long-term book project, Genealogies of Modernity: The Bible, Literature, and Vernacular Theology, challenges influential narratives that locate the origins of modernity in late-medieval and Reformation-era intellectual developments. He is currently writing a theology of incorruptibility. More on these projects, and a current CV, may be found on his Academia.edu page.


Medieval Imagination; Chaucer, Intro to Critical Reading; How Do We Get to Shakespeare?; The Invention of English Literature; How to Do Things with Literature Part I; Freshman Seminar: Economics in Everyday Life

Genealogies of Modernity; Drama, the Vernacular, and Material Presence; Early Drama and Performance Theory

Service and Other Duties

Literature Curriculum Committee
Organizer, Medieval Latin Reading Group (sponsored by Humanities Center)
Co-Chair, Graduate Placement and Professional Development Committee

Faculty Director, PGH Christian Studies