Jeff Aziz

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Advisor, English Department

CL 501C


Jeffrey Aziz received his Masters and his PhD at the University of Pittsburgh.

Research and Publications

The focus of his current research is religious radicalism in Early Modern England, particularly the representation of such groups as the Anabaptists and the Family of Love. More broadly, he is interested in the history and historiography of the Protestant Reformation in England and on the continent. His current project involves biblical hermeneutics and social unrest as represented in late sixteenth-century English drama. His interest in popular politics and popular culture extends from the medieval to the present. While he’s at it, he would like to express his continued enthusiasm for Karl Marx, Antonio Gramsci, Mikhail Bakhtin and Valentin Voloshinov. He is a recipient of the University of Pittsburgh Mellon Fellowship and the English Department Distinguished Teaching Award.


The Renaissance in England
Introduction to Shakespeare
The Dramatic Imagination
Detective Fiction
Introduction to Popular Culture