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Bradley J. Fest did his undergraduate work at the University of Arizona, and holds an MFA in Creative Writing and a PhD in English from the University of Pittsburgh. He is currently working on The Nuclear Archive: American Literature Before and After the Bomb, a book investigating the relationship between nuclear and information technology in twentieth and twenty-first century American literature. His work has appeared in boundary 2, Studies in the Novel, Critical Quarterly, in the collection of essays, The Silence of Fallout: Nuclear Criticism in a Post-Cold War World (2013), and is forthcoming in David Foster Wallace and “The Long Thing”: New Essays on the Novels (2014). He also has an interview with J. Hillis Miller forthcoming in boundary 2. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Spork, Open Thread, BathHouse, Flywheel, After Happy Hour Review, and elsewhere. He blogs regularly at The Hyperarchival Parallax.

Brad teaches courses in the Literature program, and primarily teaches courses on nineteenth through twenty-first century American literature, though he enjoys teaching many other things as well. Some of the courses he has taught include: American Literary Traditions, Introduction to Critical Reading, Literature and the Contemporary, Narrative and Technology, New Literature, Postmodern Literature, and Reading Poetry.