Amy Murray Twyning

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Lecturer II

Literature Program Assistant

CL 628D

Amy Murray Twyning earned her doctorate at the University of Pittsburgh. Her dissertation, “Detective Narrative and the Problem of Origins in Nineteenth-Century England,” examines early examples of the detective genre in the context of social and legal change in Victorian era. She currently works on the changing ideas of “the human” over the course of the 19th century in British literature read against changes in scientific and social thought from an anti-anthropocentric perspective. She also teaches critical perspectives on constructions of race, gender, and sexuality.

Amy serves as assistant director for the Literature program and works with undergraduates to organize the annual Undergraduate Literature Conference.

Amy teaches courses in the Literature program, including Humans, Animals, Machines in Victorian Literature, Austen and Brontë, and How to Do Things with Literature 2. She is also committed to undergraduate research and mentors students who pursue individual research projects.