Student Awards and Recognition

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Daniel Barlow was one of seven winners receiving the A&S GSO Elizabeth Baranger Excellence in Teaching Award.  The award celebrates the outstanding work of graduate student teachers over the past year and honors former A&S Dean, Elizabeth Baranger. (April 2013)

Julie Beaulieu won Pitt's interdepartmental Eighteenth-Century Studies Graduate Student Essay Competition. (2011)

Amanda Phillips Chapman won this year's national Graduate Student Essay Award sponsored by the Children's Literature Association.  She is the second PhD student from Pitt's English Department to win this national award.  Her award-winning essay will be published in The Lion and the Unicorn, an international journal of children's literature.

Joanna Collins won the English Department's Distinguished Teaching Award for 2011 and was nominated for an Elizabeth Baranger Graduate Teaching Award.  She presented a paper at a regional conference.

Racheal Forlow presented at a paper at a regional conference and was selected as a graduate student conference reporter for ESQ:  A Journal of the American Renaissance.  

Sarah Hakimzadeh presented a paper at a graduate student conference at SUNY Binghamton.

A. Robin Hoffman published an essay in LIT:  Literature Interpretation Theory, a peer-reviewed journal, and presented papers at 4 conferences since May 2011.  She also received a Hannah Beiter Graduate Research Grant from the Children's Literature Association (one of six grants bestowed in the U.S.).

A. Robin Hoffman won the Children’s Literature Association’s 2009 Graduate Student Essay Award for her paper “Holiday House, Childhood, and the End(s) of Time.”  This is a national award given annually for the best essay on children’s literature written by a graduate student. Robin presented her paper at the Children’s Literature Association conference in June 2009.

Jessica Isaac won the Literature Program Graduate Student Essay Prize.  She has presented two conference papers since May 2011, and she has an essay forthcoming in the peer-reviewed journal American Periodicals in Sept. 2012.

Deepa Jani  had a dissertation chapter, “Empire, Allegorical Imperative and Games of Truth: J.M. Coetzee’s Waiting for the Barbarians,”  published in  Colonization or Globalization: Postcolonial Explorations of Imperial Expansion. Ed. Silvia Nagy-Zekmi and Chantal Zabus. Lanham MD: Lexington Books, Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, 2009. 125-136.

Colleen Jankovic received a Women’s Studies Student Research Fellowship for a research trip to Israel and a Northeast Modern Language Association Summer Research Fellowship that allowed her to do research in Ramallah, Palestine. The travel grants support her research on film and visual culture in Israel/Palestine for her dissertation “Gay Patriots and Terrorist Queers:  National Intelligibility in Israel/Palestine” (2010).

Kerry Mockler received a Hannah Beiter Graduate Student Research Grant from the Children’s Literature Association for research on her dissertation (2010).

Molly Nichols received Honorable Mention for an Elizabeth Baranger Graduate Teaching Award and presented two conference papers, one at the University of Warwick.

Liam O'Loughlin presented two papers at national conferences, and a section from one of Liam's dissertation chapters, "Crisis Contained: The Poetics of Bureaucracy," won the 2014 South Asian Literary Association Graduate Student Paper Prize. Liam's diessertation, "Cosmopolitan Disasters: From Bhopal to the Tsunami in South Asian Anglophone Literature," was completed in spring 2015.

Gabrielle “Brie” Owen won an A&S travel research grant (2010).

Kirsten Paine has been awarded a $2000 research fellowship by the Robert H. Smith International Center for Jefferson Studies.

Swathi Sreerangarajan presented a paper at a graduate student conference at U of Indiana.

Alexandra Valint won the TA/TF Distinguished Teaching Award, University of Pittsburgh (2009).

Alicia Williamson won a Women's Studies Research Grant and presented two conference papers and two invited talks this past year.  She has an article appearing in the peer-reviewed journal Critical Quarterly. (2011)

Hyo Kyung Woo has been awarded an International Dissertation Research Fellowship from the Social Sciences Research Council for 2015-2016.  Her dissertation is entitled “Korean Englishes, Uneven Asias, and Global Circulation, 1895-1945."